Name: Genesis Rhapsodos
Job: 1st Class Soldier
Age: Around 25
Weapon: Rapier
Height: 6'2"
Date of Birth: Unknown
Birthplace: Banora Village
Blood Type: Unknown

Genesis Rhapsodos
The young man who compared himself to a hero of an epic poem and revolted
against the world.

A SOLDIER 1st Class who possesses combat abilities that rank equal to Sephiroth’s, and who adheres to his own personal aesthetic. He takes pride in the handsome figure he cuts, his magnificent fighting style and the enthusiastic popularity it garners him, however he does not like mingling directly with people, and only opens himself up to his companions Sephiroth and Angeal. But after the day he suddenly disappeared with a large number of 2nd and 3rd Class SOLDIERs, he is at the forefront of a rebellion against ShinRa.

The young man who idolizes “Loveless.”
A researcher of the classical epic poem “Loveless” – this is another face of Genesis. The protagonists of the poem are a trio of young men searching for the enigma of “The gift of the Goddess,” and Genesis wishes to continue this quest. Readers are divided over the mystery of the “gift” which he wishes to solve not only to deepen his understanding of the poem, but also to find the answer to questions he has about his own life…….

Genesis believes that the protagonists of the story correlate with himself and his two friends.

His disagreement with Sephiroth
As for how Genesis regards Sephiroth, it is more than they are friends who get along well, outstripping that feeling is the idea that they are worthy rivals. Originally for Genesis, it was the heroic actions of Sephiroth – a SOLDIER who is around the same age of him – that inspired him to join the organization. However, after he defects from ShinRa, Genesis tells Sephiroth, “I should have received your fame.” For Genesis and Sephiroth, it seems that there is something connecting them from before either joined SOLDIER.

He challenges Sephiroth to a fight in the Training Room due to the antagonism he feels, but gets hurt. As his wound is being treated, he learns the secret of Sephiroth and himself.

In a Fabricated Family.
Angeal and Genesis grew up together in Banora village since they were very young. Angeal’s family was poor and common in comparison to Genesis’ circumstances as the son of Banora village’s landlord. However, Genesis makes a remark that implies that he does not believe that his parents are his real parents. So then does he know the truth about his birth?

This is an additional video:
Loveless Poem read by Genesis